Kathleen J. DeBoer: Keynote Speaker

DeBoer is a sought-after speaker for groups as diverse as athletics administrators, women in law enforcement, and high school students. She also is a frequent keynote speaker at academic conferences and business seminars.

To obtain more information, send an E-mail to getinfo@kathydeboer.com.

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. . . thank you for your wonderful presentation to our staff . . . You truly did answer the questions male coaches in particular are afraid to ask.

Marilyn Moore, Director of Athletics, SUNY Geneseo, August 2006

I had many, many people complement your delivery! They were truly fascinated with your stories that made the information come alive. One woman told me that she felt she was living in your stories. . .

Dr. Marty Ewing, Ph.D, Past President, Association for Applied Sports Psychology, November 2006

. . . You have certainly given us plenty to think and talk about . . and it's happening still!

Dr. David Guthrie, Academic Dean, Geneva College, October 2006

I would also like to tell you that I thought you were one of the most exciting speakers I've ever experienced. You have a tremendous amount of energy and captured the audience's attention from your very first word. It is rare to hear someone with an important message that also has a top-notch way of delivering that message.

Danie Caro, President, Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association, June 2007

To say I benefited from the seminar is a great understatement . . .Your presentation reflected a great deal of thought and preparation . . . It was refreshing to discuss and hear discussed these issues in an amusing yet thoughtful way

Lance Rogers, Head Coach, High School and Club, Charlottesville, VA, Jan. 2001

. . .your presentation challenged me and gave me the opportunity to really examine myself as a woman and as a coach . . . I appreciate your transparency and powers of observation.

Patti Giannattasio, Head Volleyball Coach, US Coast Guard Academy, Mar. 2001

If you want to end your own meeting on a high note, then you should definitely ask Kathleen DeBoer to wrap things up at your next conference.

Tammy Simmons, Conference Coordinator, Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives, Inc., Oct. 2002

I see why you are in such demand as a speaker—you were wonderful. The girls were still talking about you yesterday and that’s a long time to hold the attention of teen-aged girls.

Judy Offutt, Program Coordinator, Sayre School, Lexington, KY, Nov. 1997

You received rave reviews, from both males and females. Your topic was terrific and perfect for our audience.

Joan Bishop, Director Human Resources, Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, Feb. 1998

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