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Gender and Competition: How Men and Women Approach Work and Play Differently (Monterey, CA: Coaches Choice, 2004).

A fascinating look at how men and women approach competition—both on and off the court. Noted author and lecturer Kathleen J. DeBoer first examines many of the non-physical differences between the sexes (their values and fears, conversation, behavior, psychological adjustment, etc.), then DeBoer helps define these and other variables as they relate to gender differences in both competitive play and competitive work environments. Finally, DeBoer offers detailed suggestions on how men and women can communicate, understand, and ultimately overcome their differences.

From former professional basketball player, University of Kentucky Coach of the Year, author, and lecturer Kathleen J. DeBoer. 162 pages. Copyright 2004.

ISBN: 158518876x
Price: $19.95

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"This book not only helped me understand my female athletes better, it helped me better understand my sons."

Mary Wise
Head Volleyball Coach
University of Florida

"Gender and Competition has some fine storytelling—crisp, dramatic, intense, deeply felt and understood. It's a very readable book, written from long experience and with keen intelligence."

James Baker Hall
Professor of English
University of Kentucky
Poet Laureate of Kentucky 2001-02

"Gender and Competition is a great guide for every woman in a man's world, and the men interested in making their female colleagues more effective."

COL Bonnie L. Smoak, MD, PhD, MPH
U. S. Army

"Gender and Competition is funny, enlightening, sensible, engaging. DeBoer is one of the few outstanding speakers I have found to be as good in print as she is in person."

Wayne Martin
Regional Vice-President
Gray Television, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

"Listening to Kathy speak was a real eye-opener in my career, growing my insights about management and giving me better perspective on how to deal with challenging situations. This resource book is excellent for women's understanding of the differences in managing males and females in a professional environment and how to adapt accordingly."

Ann McPeek-Duncan
First Vice-President/Investments/Retirement Planning Advisor
Wachovia Securities

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